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ABF Recital Index

An index of the Piano World Adult Beginner's Forum online recitals.

There are 3,463 performances from 65 recitals with 627 different performers indexed here.

ABF Recitals are held every 3 months, in February, May, August, and November. You are welcome to participate! Check out Piano World and the Adult Beginner's Forum for details.



You can browse by Recital, Performer, or Composer. Click on the + to expand the list or the category name to see an alphabetical listing.


Other Info

You can also browse through the performances by the instrument used or the performer's location.



Performances with Video

How was the Index Created?

The object was to do as little typing as possible. I wrote a program in Perl to capture the recital data from the html posts and save it in a more convenient format. At this point I "corrected" some of the data by hand. For instance, the # symbol is not allowed in MediaWiki page titles, so any use of it as "sharp" or "number" had to be found and changed. Also, the composer fields were changed to "last, first" name format, something that is easy (but tedious) for a human to do and difficult for a program. I used regular expressions and sed to consolidate the multiple variations on usernames. I then wrote another program in Perl that read the data, constructed each page, assigned it to categories, and loaded it using the MediaWiki API. Correct, delete, repeat until satisfied.

The web pages use the open source MediaWiki software, the same that is used by wikipedia and the International Music Score Library Project.

No audio or video files are stored here, only links.

Volunteers and recitals 1-9

Audio files for the early recitals were not stored in a central location, and the links suffered from internet rot. Thankfully, members at came through with some help.

Copper saved all the recordings for the early recitals! I put out a call for volunteer editors, and scorpio, pianostudent88, Andy Platt, dannylux, briansaddleback, TheodorN, MaryBee, casinitaly, jotur, evamar, carlos88, and piano_deb responded. With their help, we were able to fix all the broken links for recitals 1-9.


MediaWiki categories are used to organize everything and facilitate browsing. The lowest unit is the Category:Performance - every performance belongs to this category. Every performer has a category that includes all their performances. The Category:Performers includes all performers. Similarly, every composer has their own category which includes all performances of their music. The Category:Composers includes all composers. Every recital has a category, which is then included in the Category:Recitals. Instrument and location are organized in the same way, and every performance with a video is included in the Category:Video. All of this organization is accomplished by program when the data is imported.

The logo was designed by Piano World user ddh (Daniel). Thanks Daniel!


I can make some limited corrections. If you find a real error let me know.


I did my best to consolidate the multiple variations on usernames that performers used from recital to recital. If you find a username that needs correction or consolidation send me email.


There are so many variations on how titles are entered by the performers that it would be difficult to support one standard over another. Titles are probably easy enough to decipher without correction.


There is no scheme to support multiple composers or the addition of arrangers, etc. You can always do a search and find things that are not indexed.

Instruments and Locations

Too much variation here to correct. The data is what the performers entered...

Broken Audio and Video Links

Nothing I can do about these. One way to listen to a performance with a broken link is to follow the Piano World link back to the original recital post. At the top of that post are links to audio.

Contact Sam

Send me a message at Piano World, Display Name: "Sam S"

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