Joana's Secrets - CarlosCC - CarlosCC - Recital 30 May 2013

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  • Performer's name: CarlosCC
  • From: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Experience: 3 years 22 weeks (self-learning since Dec2009)
  • Title: Joana's Secrets
  • Composer: CarlosCC
  • Duration: 06:41
  • Source of music: Me smile Played by memory (no sheet music - yet)
  • Instrument used: Yamaha P85 (Grand Piano 2)
  • Recording method: Captured from Piano to PC with Audicity, then saved to MP3.
  • Technical feedback wanted: Yes
  • Additional info: I had no intention to create this piece, but the melody appeared and then it was a matter of playing around it. My daughter helped deciding some of the hypothesis for the arrangement and, although I was a bit undecided, she insisted to share this version with you. After the experience of doing the extension of "Canzone Popolare (Francia 1500ca.)" - ABF Recital #28 -, I can consider this is my first original, completed, recorded and shared piece. Again, I have to warn that I have not had any concern with composition rules, music theory or something more rigorous. I was just playing freely, moving forward, making errors, and having fun.
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