Indaco - Royal Albert Hall version - Einaudi, Ludovico - CarlosCC - Recital 26 May 2012

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  • Performer's name: CarlosCC
  • From: Portugal
  • Experience: 2Yrs/5Mos
  • Title: Indaco - Royal Albert Hall version
  • Composer: Einaudi, Ludovico
  • Duration: 05:56
  • Source of music: Lead sheet, then improvised and played by ear and memory.
  • Instrument used: Yamaha P85
  • Recording method: Adventure method smile - Piano to PC, captured and saved to WAV with PianoTeq. WAV to MP3 with Goldwave. (I don't know if it was the best method...)
  • Technical feedback wanted: Yes
  • Additional info: This piece is a kind of milestone for me. First, because I always found this piece very engaging and I remember thinking that "one day I'll be able to play this!". Second, because is the first time I'm not glued to the sheet - the version I heard on the Royall Albert Hall album has some variations that I like more than the original version, so I changed some little details and I tried to follow the album version -. Looking back, I think it was a rich exercise to find the balance between the lead sheet and the live version. Einaudi had an orchestra playing this piece with him and it wasn't easy to isolate the "piano solo" part, therefore I had to make some decisions on the rithm, time, and I had to improvise in some passages. I found that an orchestra should be a very good support to maintain the right rhythm but, unfortunately, I didn't find any orchestra to play with me smile As usual, it was played by memory. I hope you enjoy it.
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