Performances by ralph L.

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Recital Date Composer Piece
Recital #46 2017-05-15 Island of dreams (pop) Show
Recital #47 2017-08-15 Gigajam online school take a walk with me Show
Recital #48 2017-11-15 Alfred Auld Lang Syne (piano+keyboard) Show
Recital #49 2018-02-15 Alfred Introduction and dance (piano+keyboard) Show
Recital #50 2018-05-15 Paul de Senneville Ballad Pour Adeline Show
Recital #51 2018-08-19 christina perri A thousand years Show
Recital #52 2018-11-15 Hallelujah Show
Recital #54 2019-05-15 Someone like you (Adele) Show
Recital #55 2019-08-15 Richard Clayderman Nostalgy Show
Recital #56 2019-11-15 chinese movie theme song wish upon a star Show
Recital #57 2020-02-15 Paul de Senneville lettre a ma mere Show