Performances by Mr Super-Hunky

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Recital Date Composer Piece
Recital #11 2008-08-15 Mr super-hunky Imaginations Show
Recital #30 2013-05-15 Mr Super-Hunky An Enchanted Journey Show
Recital #14 2009-05-15 Original cover True Story Show
Recital #15 2009-08-15 David Lanz London Blue Show
Recital #16 2009-11-15 David Lanz Cristofori's Dream Show
Recital #18 2010-05-15 James Horner The Ludlows- theme from Legends of the Fall movie Show
Recital #19 2010-08-15 Jimmy Webb MacArthur Park (Cover) Show
Recital #20 2010-11-15 Jim Chappell Sea Feeling Show
Recital #25 2012-02-15 Secret Garden / Mr Super Hunky Once in a Red Moon Show
Recital #26 2012-05-15 Mr Super-Hunky Early Morning Breakers Show
Recital #29 2013-02-15 Mr Super-Hunky A Star Named Apple/ New Beginning Show
Recital #28 2012-11-15 Metallica originally, re-arranged and 'covered' by me Nothing Else Matters-original cover Show
Recital #32 2013-11-15 Issac Shepard / Mr Super- Hunky Letting Go Show
Recital #36 2014-11-15 Moody Blues Nights in White Satin Show
Recital #50 2018-05-15 Mr Super-Hunky Old and Wise Show
Recital #52 2018-11-15 Mr Super-Hunky Dance of Pales from the Symphony of the Night/Castelvania soundtrack Show
Recital #55 2019-08-15 Mr Super-Hunky Variation of Bach G Minor Piano tiles 2 Show
Recital #1 2006-02-15 Brickman, Jim "Angel Eyes" Show
Recital #2 2006-05-15 Joel, Billy Just the way you are Show
Recital #3 2006-08-15 Unknown Ready to take a chance again from the soundtrack of "Foul Play" Show
Recital #4 2006-11-15 Guaraldi, Vince Christmas time is here Show
Recital #5 2007-02-15 Einaudi, Ludovico Nefeli Show
Recital #6 2007-05-15 Einaudi, Ludovico "Le Onde" Show
Recital #7 2007-08-15 Lanz, David Cristofori's Dream Show
Recital #8 2007-11-15 Brickman, Jim Remembrance improv Show
Recital #9 2008-02-15 Uematsu, Nobuo Path of Repentance Show
Recital #10 2008-05-15 Tiersen, Yann Comptine d'un autre ete l'apres Show