Performances by Ladypayne

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Recital Date Composer Piece
Recital #30 2013-05-15 Robert B Sherman and Richard M Sherman Chim Chim Cheree Show
Recital #17 2010-02-15 Johann Pachelbel Canon in D Show
Recital #18 2010-05-15 music by Alan Menken Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas Show
Recital #20 2010-11-15 Mark Hayes I'll Fly Away Show
Recital #21 2011-02-15 Sarah Flower Adams Nearer My God to Thee Show
Recital #22 2011-05-15 Hagood Hardy Anne of Green Gables theme Show
Recital #24 2011-11-15 Myself! The song of the unkown Show
Recital #25 2012-02-15 Johann Pachelbel Canon in D Show
Recital #27 2012-08-15 ladypayne A New Change Show
Recital #26 2012-05-15 Ladypayne Wild Song Show
Recital #29 2013-02-15 ladypayne Improv in G minor Show
Recital #28 2012-11-15 myself Early Winter Show
Recital #31 2013-08-15 Pachelbel Canon (Pachelbel) Show
Recital #32 2013-11-15 Sherman Brothers Feed the Birds Show
Recital #35 2014-08-15 stuart townend How Deep the Father's Love for Us Show
Recital #37 2015-02-15 Pachelbel Canon in D Show
Recital #38 2015-05-15 Dr. Brewster M. Higley, Daniel E. Kelley Home on the Range Show