Recital #9 on 2008-02-15

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Performer Composer Title
AdagioM (Michele) Gillock, William Serenade Show
Babs1 Elfman, Danny Victor's Piano Solo Show
BB Player Einaudi, Ludovico Nefeli Show
bluekeys Serenade Show
Copper Sherwin, Manning A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Show
cscl Beethoven Sonatina in G, II. Romanze K.A. 5, No. 1 Show
Dannylux (Mel) Sibelius, Jean Valse chevaleresque, Op.96c Show
ddh - Daniel Moccio, Stephan October Show
Deep Elem (aka Buck) Arlen, Harold (Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg) Somewhere Over the Rainbow Show
dk21208/Dean Newman, Randy It's A Jungle Out There (Monk Theme) Show
DragonPianoPlayer Schumann, Robert The Merry Farmer Show
epf Handel, G. F. Air from Water Music Show
Erin_J Konowitz, Bert The Stranger Show
etorrales Beethoven Pathetique 2nd Movement Show
Euan Morrison Solomon, Ben One Way Down Show
Euphonatrix Bach, J.S. two-part Invention No. 6 in E major Show
Frycek Field, John Nocturne nr 10 in E Minor Show
funburger Toccata in Dminor Show
GregF Bach, J.S. Minuet in G Show
Honnli / Steven Uematsu, Nobuo To Zanarkand Show
IPIBAHN Sandy Gliere, R. Arietta Show
jotur - Cathy Turner Leiber and Stoller Kansas City Show
Kawaigirl1 Maroney, Greg Nature's Fury Show
Keith W Bach Invention 1 in C Major Show
LaValse Prelude Op 11/21 Show
LisztAddict Mendelssohn Song without Word - Op 19 No 1 Show
Lisztener Ginastera, Alberto II Danza de la moza donosa Show
mahlzeit Something in F Show
Mark... Alfred book two AlfredMelody2 Show
Mats Debussy, Claude Golliwogg's Cake Walk Show
menancy Heller, Stephen Heller op. 47 no. 9 Show
Mike White, Yamaha G3 & P-80 Chopin Mazurka Op 17. No. 4 Show
Mistaya (Caroline) Bach, J.S. Sinfonia number 11 Show
mlr1899 Bach, J.S. Fugue in C Major, from WTC Book 1 Show
Monica K. Einaudi, Ludovico I giorni Show
Mr Super-Hunky Uematsu, Nobuo Path of Repentance Show
Nighteyes Beethoven Andante, Sonata in G Major, op. 79 Show
Pevawi / Peter Various Alfred's medley book 2 Show
Peyton Chopin Waltz 69/1 Show
PianoN00b (Yang) To Zanarkand Piano Collections Show
Ragnhild Mozart 3rd movement from sonata K282 Show
Ray Metz -- RayMetz100 Greensleeves Show
Rockpeter Chopin Mazurka in E minor Op. 17, No. 2 Show
rocky Ryan, Enya & Nicky No Holly For Miss Quinn Show
rustyfingers Joplin, Scott Bethena Show
Schubertian Haydn, Josef Haydn Sonata number 59, First Movement (Allegro) Show
Seaside_Lee Porter, Cole Night & Day - Seaside Style! Show
Serge88 Moonlight Sonata 1st movement Show
Sideshow/Edwin March BWV 122 Show
Signal Lanz, David Return to the Heart Show
silla (Allis) Paris, Twila Where He Leads Me Show
Ted Stanion Chopin, Frederic Prélude in F-sharp major, Op. 28, No. 13 Show
Theowne Theowne Prelude - "Jour de pluie sur les landes" - Rainy Day on the Moors Show
Triryche (Rich) Triryche - Rich Minor Doodle Show
TThomas (Tina) Einaudi, Ludovico Stella del mattino Show
TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner) Malan, Henry A. Caesar and Winfield S. Weeden arranged by Tom Fettke Take My Life and Let It Be / I Surrender All Medley Show
Van Emptiness Show
YD (Yuri) Chopin Trois Nouvelles Etudes number 1 Show