Recital #66 on 2022-05-14

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Performer Composer Title
Agrajag Beethoven Sonata "Pathetique" Op. 13 - I Show
AndresVel W. A. Mozart Piano Sonata No. 16 in C major, KV 545 Show
briangmoore Nancy Faber Chanson Show
Calavera Uematsu, Nobuo Forever Rachel Show
candela Erland Sjunnesson Nordic Themes Nos 8 and 11 Show
facdo Rachmaninoff Elegie Op.3 No.1 Show
Flygbladet Michael Land Monkey Island 1 theme music Show
Ido Chopin Waltz Op.70 No.3 Show
Jerzyk19 Evanecence Immortal Show
kenbakermn Pat Metheny Letter From Home Show
Kepijapa J.S. Bach Partita No.6 In E Minor, BWV 830, 2-3. Allemande-Corrente Show
KevinM Clementi Sonatina in D Opus 36 No 6 part 1 Show
lilypad N. Faber Nightfall Show
MarieJ Ludovico Einaudi Luminous Show
Marklings Chopin Waltz Op. 64 n.2 in C sharp minor Show
peterws Gershwin, savagely adapted by me. Sorry guys. . . . Summertime Ended Show
Peyton Philip Glass Etude #2 Show
pianist685 (Constantin) Richard Sanderson She's a lady Show
PianogrlNW (Ellen) Scarlatti Sonata in E Major K 380 Show
PikaPianist Grieg Rigaudon (From The Holberg Suite) Show
Purrblast P.I. Tchaikovsky October, The Seasons (Op. 37a, No. 10) Show
QuasiUnaFantasia Bruckner, A. Fantasie in G major Show
QuentinP Bach WTK1 Fugue 1 C major Show
Rachtoven J.S. Bach Invention No. 8 Show
Rickster Ricky Henson (AKA Rickster) "Heart of Georgia Boogie" Show
Sam S Eugene Bozza Idyll Show
sandalholme F Couperin Les Folies Francaises ou les Dominos from Ordre No13 Show
Serge88 Paul de Senneville Ballade pour Adeline Show
Snejana Snejana Shegheva The Ones Out of Place Show
stevedoz Alberto Ginastera Danzas argentinas Op. 2, no 2, Danza de la moza donosa Show
Swede Robert Schumann Von fremden Landern und Menschen op 15 Show
Ted Jones Ted Jones The Fourth Ace Show
thepianoplayer416 L. van Beethoven Sonatina in G (Anh. 5): Moderato - Romanze Show
Tyschoco J.S Bach Bach Invention No.15 in B Minor, BMV 786 Show
winterflower winterflower daffodils Show
zsolpyW Tell him Show