Performances of Composer James Horner

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Recital Date Performer Piece
Recital #59 2020-08-15 Gary001 Hymn to the Sea from Titanic Show
Recital #44 2016-11-15 AZ_Astro My Heart Will Go On (Theme to Titanic) Show
Recital #59 2020-08-15 PianoPrimo My Heart Will Go On Love Theme from Titanic Show
Recital #21 2011-02-15 Augustina Somewhere Out There from an American Tail Show
Recital #41 2016-02-15 Newbert The Ludlows - Legends of the Fall Show
Recital #18 2010-05-15 Mr Super-Hunky The Ludlows- theme from Legends of the Fall movie Show
Recital #37 2015-02-15 ivan.d The Ludlows/Legends of the Fall Show
Recital #12 2008-11-15 Ozor Mox The Portrait Show