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Online RecitalRecital Index

Online recitals are held periodically throughout the year. The quarterly recitals are open to all players at any level, performing music in any genre. It should include piano (or some keyboard instrument). The quarterly recitals open for submissions on the 1st of February, May, August, and November. There is a 2 week submission period, and the recital goes "live" sometime on the 15th.

Themed recitals are held periodically and are announced well in advance in the Themed Recital subforum of the Adult Beginners Forum. These recitals have a theme (duh!) and submissions should fit the theme.

Note: The database is only as good as the data that was entered. There are no checks on the data when performances are submitted. We are not consistent in titles, composer names, or even usernames. It is what it is! If you really want a change (names only please) go to the Piano World forums and send a PM to "Sam S".