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French Themed Recital 2017 is scheduled for Sunday, April 30, 2017 and is now open for submissions!

The submission deadline is Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 9 PM Eastern (US) time.


There are currently 36 submitted pieces. Show me...

1. Richard (zrtf90) - An Old Musical Box (de Severac)
2. SMA55 (Shepherd Abrams) - Arabesque 1 (Debussy)
3. Tim Adrianson - Les Semailles (Deodat de Severac)
4. Tim Adrianson - Trois Morceaux pour Piano (Lili Boulanger)
5. Tubbie0075 - La Vallee Des Cloches (Maurice Ravel)
6. Tim Adrianson - Scherzo-Valse (Emmanuel Chabrier)
7. Tim Adrianson - Danse au Bord de l'Eau (Albert Roussel)
8. Tim Adrianson - Laufenberg (Vincent d'Indy)
9. Tim Adrianson - Prelude (Maurice Ravel)
10. PianogrlNW (Ellen) - Romances Sans Paroles Op 17 No 3 (Faure)
11. Tim Adrianson - A la Maniere de Borodin (Maurice Ravel)
12. Tim Adrianson - Hommage a Ravel (Arthur Honegger)
13. timmyab - Danseuses de Delphes (Debussy)
14. timmyab - Voiles (Debussy)
15. PianogrlNW (Ellen) - Improvisation #15 - Homage to Edith Piaf (Poulenc)
16. PianogrlNW (Ellen) - Novelette No 1 (Poulenc)
17. Richard (zrtf90) - Intermezzo from Carmen (Bizet)
18. Ganddalf - Barcarolle No.1 (Gabriel Faure)
19. Whizbang (Chris) - Reverie (Claude Debussy)
20. Greener/Jeff - Sicilienne Op 78 (Faure)
21. Kalos Piano - Comptine d'Une Autre Ete (Yann Tiersen)
22. Kalos Piano - J'y Suis Jamais Alle (Yann Tiersen)
23. Kalos Piano - La Valse d'Amelie (Yann Tiersen)
24. Kalos Piano - Gymnopedie 1 (Erik Satie)
25. Kalos Piano - Gnossienne 1 (Erik Satie)
26. Kalos Piano - Gnossienne 4 (Erik Satie)
27. Sam S - The Little Shepherd (Claude Debussy)
28. PianogrlNW (Ellen) - Album Leaf (Debussy)
29. Cathryn999 - Comptine d'une autre ete (Yann Tiersen)
30. Ganddalf - Nocturne No.1 (Gabriel Faure)
31. peterws - Gymnopedie 2 (Satie)
32. peterws - Gymnopedie 3 (Satie)
33. peterws - Arabesque 1 (Debussy)
34. Ganddalf - Nocturne No.3 (Gabriel Faure)
35. lvojnovic - La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin (Debussy)
36. Richard (zrtf90) - Danse Macabre (Saint-Saens)

You can:

The ABF French Themed recital is now open for submissions!

The deadline is April 29 at 9PM Eastern US daylight savings time.

Please note this deadline is very firm; I cannot start working on the recital until it is closed, and once it is closed, no new entries can be added.

Pieces by any French composer are welcome. There's a separate sign-up thread . You can sign up until the deadline and duplicate entries of the same piece are allowed. There's also Week and a Half to French Recital thread that you can use for discussion or questions about the recital.

Important information:

All skill levels are welcome.

You can submit as many pieces as you wish.

I may change the order of submissions before the recital goes live.

Editing or digital alteration of your performance (other than minor edits such as trimming long silences at the end or beginning of the piece) is counter to the 'live recital' spirit of the AB Forum Recital and is thus strongly discouraged.

If you are fairly new to the piano, please do not be intimidated by some of the talent here in the ABF. We all consider ourselves to be amateurs even though we may have been playing for some time. And, we LOVE to hear recordings from folks new to the keyboard. So even if you're on your first Alfred's method book, we would *really* enjoy hearing from you.

Recital submissions must be in MP3 format. The maximum size of the file is 20 MB. We recommend encoding the recording at 192 kbs with a constant bitrate, as that works best with the online streaming player. At that bitrate, a 20 MB file works out to be about 7-9 minutes in length. Your recording will be normalized when placed in the consolidated zip files, but your original link will still be available for those who want it.

If you are new to recording your music, there are several threads in the forum archives that address the ways and means. See the "Important Topics in the AB Forum" thread stickied at the top of the AB forum page. Audacity is an excellent free recording application that can be used.

If you're new to the forum and the recitals, I encourage you to browse through a few of the past recitals to see what they're like. An easy way to find past recitals is to use Sam S.'s extremely helpful recital index, located here: Recital Index